Georgian dining table restoration 

This dinner table come in for restoration recently ,with some water marks to the top,and some minor scratches to the surface. The under frame was in a generally good condition apart from a few loose legs. Due to the glue drying out and was a easy repair . The under frame was cleaned and then only required a wax afterwards.

The tops were made from solid mahogany and were cut from two single planks of Timber and were finished 28 inches wide and measured 52 inches long  and nearly a 1 inch thick .

The table tops will only need to be cleaned to remove the old dirt and polish , this will also remove the surface scratches in the polish and remove the minor ring marks left by cups ,without the need to strip the tops and loose the colour from the Timber. 

This style of table can either be set up as a complete dining table or with a smaller breakfeast table and two side tables , depending on how many you require to sit. 

The table was cleaned and French polished over period of a week allowing for the polish to harden and sink in before applying some more before being waxed afterwards . Most dining tables will not be stripped as this will remove the patina from the Timber and can be difficult to replace . All work is carried out in the workshop from the cabinet making to French polishing and quotation given for the restoration needed, which includes collection and delivery 

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