Antique 1750 century mahogany mule chest


The mahogany mule chest had come in for restoration after being purchased through a auction. The chest being needing some general restoration to the feet and missing or damaged veneered around the carcass. Some mouldings around the lid needed replacing . The mule chest was in a dry condition and with water damage across the top and around the carcass causing the finish to turn white .


First job was to replace two new feet as these were badly broken and couldn’t be repaired . These were made from old pine and used veneers removed from old draw fronts to be veneered with . As these matched closely for colour and grain.

The new Timber was coloured out to match the old wood along with corner blocks .the top had veneered replaced and would be coloured out later on . The missing mouldings around the carcass and edges were reproduced and fitted these were cleaned up next day with coat of shellac to seal afterwards



After all repairs were carried out the mule chest was gently cleaned  back to remove  the old dirt , water marks and not to remove the patina from the furniture . After allowing to dry the mule chest was gently rubbed down with fine wire wool to remove last of the dirt before applying first coat of beeswax and allowing it to dry.

this was then buffed of before applying another coat and repeating this process over period of couple of days. This allowed the wax to harden and build up a sheen, when being buffed off.  The last coat of hard wax was applied and allowed to dry over night before brushing off with fine brushes then cloth afterwards. This gave it a lovely sheen without having to be French polished .

The brass handles and key escutcheons were left on during restoration these were cleaned with fine wire wool and to highlight the back plates and handles only


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