Antique mahogany roll top desk restoration

Roll top desk

The roll top desk come in for restoration after being purchased from a local auction house :// For my clients home office . The desk would require general restoration with some missing satinwood crossbanding veneers missing around the carcass , some minor veneer repairs. Inside the tambour unit it contains some pigeon hole draws and a leather slope that would require replacing .

The desk was gently taken apart the pigeon hole unit removed , tambour top taken out and writing slope removed , this is done to make repairs and polishing easier. The veneer repairs were carried out first with the satinwood crossbanding repirs done . The leather was removed and cleaned ready for a new green hide to be added and some gold tooling added. Once the repairs were done the desk cleaned with fine wire wool and meths, this will clean the surface of old dirt and polish without loosing the patina and age from the peace . A light sand to remove the last suborn bits and it was ready for French polishing . This was done over a period of a week allowing the polish to dry and skin into the timber . Once done the desk was then waxed and the original brass handles were cleaned and put back on . The desk had the new leather fitted and tooled during the polishing process , along with it being polished to protect the leather from ware and tare

All work can be quoted upon and can often get collected and delivered by myself . The work is done in my workshop using traditional methods . Please contact me to discuss any furniture restoration you require through my website

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