Antique 19th century satinwood birch chest of draws restoration


The satinwood chest of draws come in for restoration recently, the chest of draws had its side mouldings missing  to both sides of the carcass and with some damage to the mouldings around the edge as well

The carcass had dried out ,causing the draw runners to become loose and the rails, this pushed the bottom out and caused gaps to appear around the draws. The carcass needed to have the back removed, draw runners removed and was then able to repair the wear to these as a later time . Then the rails were removed and all old glue removed from the joints before glueing  and rebuilding , cramping back together and leaving till the next day . After repairing the runners the draws had the same attention and needed theses runners looking at, and removing the worn out wood and being fitted to the carcass later on




Few other repairs were carried out around the carcass and draws ,replacing some missing moulding and cockbeading around the draws . After sanding all new repairs , I could then clean back removing the dirt and and old polish, washing this into the new repairs and helping to age the new wood. Afterwards I was able to begin French polishing the chest of draws bringing out the colour of the Timber as the polish was built up. After polishing the chest this was then waxed ,knocking back the high shine and giving the depth of shine you would expect to see with antique furniture . Last thing was to screw on the four new feet turned lifting the chest of the floor and enabling the bottom draw to open with out catching the floor. After this the restoration was done I could arrange delivery and return the chest back to the family ,for the next generation to enjoy again







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