18th century oak bureau

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Nice country oak bureau dating from  around 1750 century come in for restoration.

unfortantly the bureau had suffered over the years from old repairs and finish with water marks and having serval change of handles. The bureau now needed restoration and French polishing , as well a new set of handles.

The oak bureau is fairly early and had a standard interior, this interior layout of 6 pigeon holes with 2 small draws and one larger draw underneath. Central was a small cupboard with two columns that pull out to revel small compartments. These are often described as secret draws.

New brass plated handles were ordered , along with key escutcheon and  in the style correct for its  period. Also to cover up some damage from other later handles used on the draw fronts.

The bureau suffered from wear to the draw runners. The draw sides had worn away and the damage wood was cut out and replaced . Next  the carcass had loose feet , broken mouldings that needed repairing, the sides had shrunk. The dirt and old repairs were cleaned out before wood was cut and fitted in.

The draw handles were removed and the holes were plugged before being levelled. The handles were fitted before cleaning back as this helps to wash the dirt around them and gives the appearance of them being on their for a while longer . The bureau had the draws refitted back in and new wood was levelled back and sanded.

Next was to repolish . This Involved in cleaning the dirt of  inside and out before being able to repolish it . This cleaned the wood and brought out the grain. After repolishing over a few days the bureau gets waxed . This takes the shine of the polish and gives you depth of shine you expect from period furniture . The new brass handles and old one from the interior were cleaned and refitted . The draws gets wax rubbed on sides and bottoms as the draws are put back in . This just helps with the wear on them over time

The key was now cut for the bureau top.and now the job was finished and ready for delivery back to its customer.


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