Antique mahogany longcase clock


Daniel Chapman antique furniture restoration

A nice 30 hour mahogany longcase clock come in for restoration after being knocked over by the family pet dog

The longcase has been passed down through the family since its original owners, with each owner adding their name to the family tree as its passed through the family.the family tree of clock owner was kept attached to the back of the case door up until it’s current owner.

Any longcase clock isn’t the moist strongest peace of furniture a cabinet maker will make. Often only a few joints are used in the general construction . The rest is only glue on or attached with glue blocks. So being knock over by the family pet can take its toll on the case .

Doing this caused the movement to come through the clock hood braking the mask,door and glass. The hood mouldings were knock off and some were broken .the main case had its door off with broken hinges and door mouldings chipped .The general case survived ok,apart from old veneer chips and general age related problems.

The case was to repaired as well to restore the case back to good condition .the case being made in around 1770 and was made mainly from pine with flame mahogany curl Veneers used. Over time had some repairs and blisters in the veneers. These were to repaired during the restoration.

The case had the necessary repairs carried to the veneers, this included old bad repairs removed and new veneers matching the grain were put in. With mahogany curl veneers they often crack and blister. This partly down to veneers as well the age of the case. They were glued down using animal hide glue. This helps me as I can iron the veneer flat. The hood had new moulding made for the top as they were too bad broken. The mask was reglued back together and some new wood put back in . The hood door had broken glass removed and glue back together. Few veneer chips were required .

The brass columns from the hood,the door hinges,and door knob were removed to cleaned and polished later. Once the repairs were carried out to the case and levelled back, it was ready for cleaning before polishing. The case was French polished over a period of time building up the polish and creating the depth of shine you get from period furniture

The case was waxed and put back together with brass work polished and fiited. A key and lock was fitted to the trunk door as this was missing for sometime . The case was returned and ready for the movement to come back.

It’s not often that you come across furniture that you can trace its history through the family to its current owner . Hopefully this will continue with their name being added to the list


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