Georgian mahogany chest on chest

Daniel Chapman furniture restoration                                                                                             Antique mahogany Georgian secataire chest on chest

The mahogany chest on chest or sometimes known as a tallboy come in for restoration, after being purchased from a local dealer in a recent auction

The furniture needed general restoration that you would expect from furniture dating from the 18th century. This included missing and broken mouldings around the carcass. Damage veneers to the front rails, draws. And draw runners worn and damaged. The draw front mouldings had damage to the fronts and needed repairs, mainly due to mouldings being knocked of. The draw runners were badly worn and damaged was removed and new wood replaced . This will help draws run smoothly and save damage to draws and carcass in future  Edit The sectaire draw needed two brass catches to be fitted and brass knobs for the draws. Then two brass knobs were fitted to replace the missing items. The pigeon hole compartments had two divides missing and were made and fitted.

The carcass had the damage removed from the front rails and broken mouldings replaced around the carcass. The sides had filler used to fill holes . This was removed and veneer cut in place. All repairs were levelled and sanded ready for polishing.



The chest was cleaned back after repairs were levelled back. The old dirt and polish was washed into the new repairs, this helps with the new repairs and helps to colour down the wood as well. The furniture was then French polished ,this was done over period of time ,to build up the layers of polish that gives antique furniture that depth of sheen and colour you would expect. The carcass and draws were waxed down . The brass plate handles which were later Addison,as fashions change they were change handles from knobs to brass handles. Once the handles were fitted , I could plug the nut from the secataire draw which then allowed me to polish and finish the draw.



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