Antique Victorian walnut Lou table restoration 

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The walnut Lou table come in for restoration after being left in the sun for nearly 30 years . The damage this occurred to period furniture is all to common. The sun light had caused the veneers to dry out , crack and blister . Some veneers had been lost of period of time and needed to be replaced  during the restoration .

The base was damaged through sunlight as well, causing  this mainly to discolour . The main problem for me was the base being chewed by the family dog . This needed new wood to shaped and carved back to match the original .

First job was to sort out the top this ment replacing the missing veneers and glue down the veneers that had blistered. Usually you can iron down veneers , but with the amount of sunlight damage this had dried out the glue . . Around the edge the table had a boxwood inlay and tuilpwood crossband . The crossband was missing so some new veneers were cut to match the original for colour and grain.

The base was next, this was held together with a central bolt holding the column together. This was made up of 4 peaces and made restoration easier to handle. The feet were first as the rest just needed mainly polishing . The damaged and effected areas were removed and new timber was cut and fitted . In some places nearly three quarters of a inch was needed to replace the damaged areas . After allowing the glue to dry I was able to carve and shape the new back to the original  pattern of the legs . Once the repairs were finished  I was able to clean back the old dirt and polish before French polishing

Cleaning back the old polish brought out the colour of the walnut timber . Using white French polish this wouldn’t change the colour of the wood to much. Leaving you that golden colour you expect from period walnut . The polishing was done over a period of time  allowing the polish to harden up before applying the next polish . The top had a central patch in the table and needed to be coloured out to match the existing timbers in the top . After all polishing was complete the table was waxed and put back together . The top sits in the vase and held in place with to screw bolts and brass catch making it easier to handle and store when not in use .

Now the table was finished I was able to deliver back and hope fully for the customer to once again enjoy . Hopefully with no more pet dogs chewing at its base either

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