Georgian mahagony serpentine sideboard restoration 

The Georgian sideboard recently come in for restoration ,the serpentine 5 ft sideboard was in a reasonable condition for its age and been restored in the last 50 years . The condition of the surface was good with only a build up of dirt and crime . Underneath the finish was fine and will only need to a clean and revive after repairs were carried out to the woodwork .

Around the top and carcass was some small peaces of veneers missing, thankfully some were kept in the draws and only needed to be carfullly cleaning old glue off and putting back in place .

Once the repairs were carried out and new veneers were cleaned down and some shellac was applied to the new repairs, I gently cleaned back the surface with a old liquid cleaner , which will only brake down the old grease and grime with out destorying the finish underneath. This was aloud to dry before gently rub of fine wire wool to remove the list of the stuburn dirt.

Once this was done I was apply to start waxing the sideboard. This again is a old recipe made up mainly of beewax and carnuba wax. Like many restores we have many different tin of products made up in the workshop that get passed on through many restores and years of restortion.  Applying two coats of wax and allowing to dry before buffing of , in between coats  I was able to colour out the new repairs . A least 3 coats of beewax were apply to the sideboard before applying one hard wax and buffing off . This brought out the rich colour of the mahogany timbers used,specially the mahogany veneers used on the front door and draws.

The brass ring handles were original and only required a gentle clean of fine wire wool to bring back that shine . These were then put back on and the sideboard could then delivered back to the customer. 

Aim now finding that customers won’t their furniture restored with out looking like it’s come out of shop, specially period Georgian furniture . 

Daniel chapman antique furniture restoration

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