Antique 1850 tuilpwood sidetable made by Bertram and son  restoration 

The sidetable come in for restoration from a local private client. The table was in general condition for a peace being made in the 1850. With theirs makers name of bertram son of Oxford street being stamped across the draw top 

The main concern was the damage to the top . The base wood had shrunk over the years causing the splits in the top and in doing so cause some veneers to become loose and chip . The table hadn’t been restored for a  number of years and now dryed out causing other veneers and lines be full of and blister . Around the top their was a chequered line made up of kingwood and boxwood,this was missing in places and neeed to be made and replace the missing line. The top had central Marquertry panel to the top no corners with harewood  veneer inlayed. This had blisters in place, 

The base was in general good condition apart from a moulding around the base. The moulding had become loose and some was found in a draw but still needed new timber made to replace the missing amount. Around the top edge was a chequered  line of ebony and satinwood some veneers were missing and needed replacing .  

Once all the repairs were carried out and new tuilpwood veneer was cut to replace the missing, the boxwood lines were made and fitted ,new crossgrain moulding made and other repairs were carried out the furniture could be cleaned back. 

This removes the old dirt and polish and brings back the colour of timber and patina out of the furniture without loosing the characteristics of antique furniture . Doing this helps to age the new repairs as the old dirt gets washed in and around the new repairs. 

I could then repolish the furniture , this was done over a period of time , building up the polish and depth of shine . Once this was done the furniture was then waxed and the original brass ring handles were cleaned along with the brass casters and put back on . The furniture was the ready for delivery back to the client

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