Antique mahogany Georgian bureau bookcase restoration

Daniel Chapman antique furniture restoration.

The Georgian bureau bookcase come for restoration and French polishing . The furniture was in general poor condition, needing new feet, only small amount of the original feet were left after being cut off.The draws and runners were badly worn and had been running on the draw bottoms for some time. The draws and fall had timber and veneers missing from them. The top section had a blind fret which was Broken and some missing. The top break front moulding had dental moulding missing as well as small chips to the mouldings.

I removed the handles first of all as new plate handle were to be used,that were more in keeping with the period of furniture. New feet were made from period timber and base mouldings were repaired. The draws and fall had the draw fronts repaired ,replacing missing timber and veneers. Next was the draws , the runners were badly worn and was running on the bottoms. Any old timber left was removed and new timber was cut and fitted. Later on the draws were planned and fitted back to the carcass.

Next was to tackle the fret work . A pattern was drawn out and fretted out on the fret saw. Afterwards was able to use the frets to replace the missing items and were cut to fit were necessary . The dental moulding was missing. The timber was cut down to match on the saw bench before cross cut down to the individual size. These were glued in cleaned up later on.

The inside had its hinges replaced with odd size and bad patches either side of them. The patches were removed and new hinges were fitted with timber cut in and fitted. The fret work above the pigeon holes was repaired and glued back in.

Once the repairs were carried out , I could level back and clean all the new repairs. The feet and other repairs I carried out needed  to be bleached. This removed the dark rich tones of colour you get in Georgian timber to a mellow brown colour. The furniture was then cleaned back and French polished over a period of time. The new handles were fitted , and was able to reuse the old holes from previous handles. The in side had the patches coloured out with the pigeon hole draws needing just a wax. The fall had new green baize fitted. Only left to fit was the key escutcheon to the doors and draws.

Once finished was only left to drop in the small secret compartment which sits behind the pigeon hole draws. With a lift up top most likely for a few coins.

All I had to do now was deliver back and let client enjoy the furniture again for years to come

All restoration is delivered and collected by myself with quotations given


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