19th century camphor chest restoration

The camphor chest come in for some restoration, the peace of furniture has been passed down through the family for a previous generation. The peace of furniture was in a general good condition, the furniture was mainly dirty with a few water and ring marks to the surface. My biggest amount of work to do the chest was replace the missing brass straps and corners. Theses were made from thin brass and screwed to the surface, over time being damaged some were removed and others were badly damaged and would be replaced .

Once the brass was made and screw hole drill the brass was loosely fitted making shore it was in keeping with the original brass.. this was then aged to match the old brass . My attention would then turn to the box, thus was cleaned with wirewool and meths, this would pull the dirt from the surface along with water marks without stripping the character from the peace of furniture. Once allowing to dry the camphor box was rubbed back with fine wirewool to remove any last stubborn dirt before beginning to French polish. Using a white clear polish, this would change the colour of the wood and give the natural depth of sheen to the finish. The box was then waxed down to remove the high shine from the polish before all the brass was fitted back on. The old brass carrying handles were cleaned to match the other brassware to complete the restoration before being returned to my client a few days later

All work can be provided with a quotation, the work is collected and delivered back upon completion by myself and is fully insured . You can contact me through my website site at http://wwwchapmanrestoration.co.uk

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