Georgian Mahogany urns on pedestals

The mahogany urns come in for restoration with the pedestals which were slightly later than the urns. The pedestals has broken mouldings around the carcass and veneer damage to the bases . Unfortunately the base had been badly repaired in the past and are leaning forward. The feet would need to be removed and new feet made to correct et them leaning forward .

The urns were dirty mainly with one of the tops being dropped and spitting the top into two peace’s, this had repaired in the past with the glue drying out causing the repairs to come apart again.

The pedestal were my first job , repairing the broken moulding around the doors and draws, with some new one being made as they were beyond repaired . The feet were by next repair removing the old repairs and making new feet from pine raising the new feet by inch and a half ,to match the back legs . The splayed feet were shaped and then veneered in mahogany , matching the grain as near as possible

Once all repairs were carried out to the pedestals and urns they then could be cleaned , remove the dirt from the surface and washing this into the new repairs. This helps with colouring and ageing the new repairs. Using old wood to repair period furniture helps to and choosing timber similar to what your repairing makes life easier when it comes to polishing.

Once all the cleaning was done to the urns and pedestals, I could French polish these , this was done of a period of a couple days . Colouring out the new repairs as I went. Afterwards they were waxed and the brass lightly cleaned before putting back on . Theses were now ready for delivery back to the customer to once again enjoy them.

All antique restoration can be provided with a quote and discuss the restoration needed for each individual peace and is collected and delivered back by myself upon completion.

Further information available at my website

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