Antique Victorian card table restoration.

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The antique card table come in for restoration , the top was badly damaged and would require it to be re veneered . The base was on a pedestal with carved scroll legs and would require it to be cleaned and French polished only.

The first job was to remove the badly damaged veneer from the top, the top with some old veneer repairs from the past, plus some veneers were missing . This was beyond repair and some new veneers would be required to replace with. I found some burr walnut veneer than would only need two sheets of veneer to give the top a book match top or sometimes called mirror image . The veneer was dampened down with warm water which would allow me to flatten the veneer before being laid down on the card table

The was placed between sheets of newspaper before being pressed, the paper would remove the moisture from the veneer as it was pressed over days, and the paper changed ,helping to dry the veneer out. This would allow me to start on the base

The base was taken apart , this evolved removing the threaded bolt from the central column,with the nut hidden underneath a turning. This would allow me to clean the individual part far easier and begin the polishing process. After around 3-4 days the veneer was dry and flat enough for me to lay the veneer. If I was to lay the veneer to wet the , it would shrink after being payed and leave with a gap between the edges of the veneers. The top was toothed to give a rough surface to the top and give the glue something to hold on to during the veneering and drying process . Using walnut veneer specially burr veneers you will find defects in the veneers. This is cause from how the veneers are growing on the tree. Once the top was veneered the small defects of holes, I used the offcuts of veneers to fill these holes. The veneer was layer and using veneer tape to help to prevent the veneer from shrinkage as it dried over the next couple of days. This is easily removed during the sanding process and would leave no trace .

With the base now cleaned and partly polished this would give me some idea of what colour to stain the new veneer to . This was done with some weak water stain and allowed to dry. The base was then French polished along with the top . The top was partly polished with other furniture partly because of its small size. The polishing process was done over a period of time. Because it’s a new veneer. It would take longer for me to polish because the polish soaking into the Timber and allowed to dry before being built up again until I was happy with the overall finish. Once I was happy with the polish to the table top and base ,I could then wax down the table to remove the shine from the new polish. This would give a good depth of shine with out looking like a new peace of furniture.

The last thing for me to do,was to place the Baize inside the card table, partly down to it being stained and sunlight fading the edge wear the table folds over. This was removed during the preparation for the top to be re veneered. This is quite easily done with warm water, soaked in the Baize and softens the glue allowing me to pull away the old. Quick sand to prepare the surface I could lay the new green Baize and was cut to fit.

Once the table was allowed to dry I could arrange to deliver back to the customer for years to come. Often now these are just decorative tables and not often they are used for cards , but it’s ready if they wish to play once again .

All work can be quoted on depending on the condition for you, so don’t be put of by the condition of the furniture , most things can be repaired and restored. Please contact me through my website or other social media sites below ,to discuss your restoration required

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