Antique mahogany Chippendale linen press

This lovely Georgian mahogany linen press come in for restoration recently, the press was in a reasonable condition with it being in a lovely dry condition and most likely never to have been repolished before .

The carcass would require some repairs to the dental moulding. With new moulding being made and to be coloured out. The base with its unusual draw arrangement had worn draw runners and would require the worn out oak to be removed and replaced with new timber . Then the draws were planned and fitted back in to the carcass . Couple of the draws also had cockbeading missing . This sometimes is down to wear on the draw runners catching the beading as the draws are opened and closed.

Once all the repairs were carried out the press was cleaned to remove old dirt from the surface with out going through the original surface. Doing this will also was the dirt into the new repairs ,helping to age then and colour them at the same time. These were then sealed with shellac before the press was lightly rubbed back with fine wire wool to remove any last trace of dirt.

Then I would apply a natural beeswax to the surface all over and allowing to dry before buffing off. This was done twice building up the sheen before applying a hard beeswax to the surface and a final buffing to generate a sheen back to the surface without having any French polish applied to this peace of furniture

Couple of picture before and after restoration of this Georgian press. Showing a gentle clean will bring out the shine and depth of finish ,without having to go to being repolished

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