Antique French rosewood 19th century chiffonier

Website antique furniture restoration

The chiffonier come in for restoration, the carcass needing attention to damage to carcass with missing veneers around the base the draws had missing mouldings and damage to the doors.

The polished top had broken down in places with old dirt and some water marks to the top. Once the repairs were carried out the furniture was cleaned to remove the old polish ,the marks from the surface and French polished afterwards. Allowing the colour of the rosewood timber and grain to come through once again.

one of the first jobs was to repair the damage to the base, this would require the base wood to be built up and levelled before I was able to veneer the corner and allowing to dry before sanding. The door and draw required solid rosewood to used and shaped were necessary . Later on after shaping the draw moulding the timber was bleach due to the rosewood being naturally near black when its new. The sideboard was cleaned and removed all dirt and water marks from the surface before French polishing. This was done over a period of a week. Allowing the polish to sink in to the timber and then cutting it back before applying some more . Using the traditional method of using a rubber . Afterwards the sideboard was waxed down removing the high shine from the polish and leaving a depth of sheen you would expect and showing the grain of the timber to come through .

The last job was to cut two keys for the draw and doors this lock are completely different from English locks and will have different mechanism inside and allowing the bolt to be clocked twice

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