Antique mahogany George III bureau restoration

The small proportion mahogany Georgian bureau come in for restoration, after some years of neglect , the bureau was suffering from damage to draw runners, cockbeading around the draws , broken mouldings around the bureau fall and having some Edwardian plate handles fitted to the draw fronts rather than having the period swan neck handles.

The first job was the draws removing the plate handles and filling the screw holes.then I moved my attention to the draw runners, some had worn down in places to the draw bottoms and required the effected wood to be cut out and new wood cut and replaced. Once this was done I could look at the cockbeading moulding around the draws. Some draws had nearly all moulding missing or broken . New wood was cut and fitted to the draws and would be later placed and shaped to fit .

The bureau fall had some damage around the moulding and required new wood to replace the damaged areas . After repairing some damage around the carcass and feet the bureau had all the new repairs levelled ,shaped and sanded ready to be sealed with coat of shellac. No staining was required as the Timber used was from old stock and was a good match to the original type

The top was damaged from water marks leaving some white ring marks and blacks marks in the surface , these would require a weak bleach before cleaned back ready for finishing

The bureau was cleaned back, to remove the dirt from the surface and washing the dirt across the new wood helping to colour and age the Timber. Once done and allowed to dry the bureau had the new wood sealed with shellac before the bureau was waxed with its first coat of beeswax. 2 more coats of beeswax were applied and buffed of in between coats. I then would colour out any new repairs before giving the bureau a final hard wax and allowed to dry before buffing off.

The draw fronts had replacement brass swan neck handles fitted in keeping with the period bureau. Interior was cleaned and waxed along with the outside .

With antique furniture you can never guess what you will find , it’s quite common to find secret draws , as this one had made for the interior . And sone pervious owner had used eighteen century newspaper stuck to the back . Possible to stop any dust from entering the bureau

Now the furniture was finished and the ready to go back , the bureau with its depth of colour once again showing through the finish was delivered back to the customer and for years of enjoyment to come.

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