Antique mahogany Sheraton serpentine sideboard

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This lovely six foot serpentine sideboard come in for some restoration , the furniture come in for a general clean and some restoration. The being veneered in mahogany figured Timber and along the draws was in good colour and the patina was lovely apart from layers of dirt .

The carcass was in need of replacing some ebony only lines that were missing around the carcass and some veneers from the front were missing as well. Apart from these minor repairs the sideboard was in a reasonable condition . The inlay line were made from Timber and glued together before sand and fitted to the base of the sideboard. The veneer missing from the carcass replaced from old stock of reclaimed timber I’ve got. This second Timber and veneers are kept from either purchased broken furniture or furniture that’s past the point of repair and is kept for using on repairing other furniture.

The inlayed lines made from solid Timber to replace missing lines around the carcass

Once the sideboard had the necessary repairs done to the carcass the next job was to clean the dirt from the surface and bring back the Timber out from behind it . Also allowing for the fan inlays to the legs and draws to be seen again from behind the dirt .

This involved using my solution to gently soften the dirt from surface with some old rag with backing down the polished surface under neath . This would clean the surface without gutting it and would still keep the patina in the wood .slowly working around the sideboard and top exposing the inlays and to the top and the draws Once cleaned the sideboard was allowed to dry before using very fine wirewool to remove any last peace’s of dirt from the surfaces . Then I applied the first coat of natural beeswax and allowed this to dry before buffing with very fine brushes and cloth . This was repeated over a couple of days ,applying coat of beeswax each day. Then to finish the final wax was a hard wax to finish and give it depth of shine back to the sideboard. In between the coats of wax the new repairs were coloured out to match the rest of the sideboard . The draws containing 2 cellarettes were waxed using paraffin wax ,this enabled the draws to run smoothly as theses contained the lead liners for the wine coolers

Lead liners below for the wine coolers, each one sitting inside the draws

With only the brass handles, needing to be cleaned using wirewool ,the sideboard was now ready for delivery and hopefully a other happy customer

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