Antique restoration of a 1820 Georgian 15ft long dining table

The Georgian mahogany dining table come in for restoration after being used for years as a board room table. Now acquired by a local antique dealer, based in Northamptonshire , the table now required restoration. The table measuring 15ft long when extended with the leaves in and originally gone to 18ft long . But unfortunately now one leaf was missing.

The table was made from one complete tree as the Timber through the table matched perfectly through from the d end down the leaves and even the legs were produced from the same Timber as the grain matched as well.

The table was bleached through years of sunlight damage and causing the polish to go opaque,along with the usual cup ring marks in the surface. The under frame was tired and require to be cleaned and re polished as well. But my main part of the restoration was to tighten and replace some worn out runners stops. Which caused the table to sag and also made it difficult to pull out as the table wouldn’t come out evenly. The table was taken apart and new wood replacing the wooden stops that had worn out causing runners to drop and catch . This can be a time consuming as each runner needs individual fitting and having to allow for the slight twist in some of the runners. When the table is extended their is two extra legs fitted underneath the table to support the table once fully pulled out

Once the under frame was rebuilt and I was happy with frame I could then screw back down the tops and begin the cleaning back removing the old polish and water damage from the surfaces. The tops were 5ft wide with the leaves measuring 28inches wide and from single planks of Timber with the narrowest Timber measuring 12 inches wide.

Once all the the tops and base was cleaned with methylated spirts I began to French polish the table using heat resistant French polish . This given more durability to the tops with out the fear of marking easily. This process took over a week to building up body’s of French polish and allowing to sink in to the timber,before cutting back and doing the same again.

After I was happy with the finish the table I could then wax down the table which took the high shine of the table and gave the depth of sheen without looking like a new peace of furniture . Afterwards the table had its brass casters cleaned and oiled before arranging deliver back to the dealer, were already a customer was waiting its approval before being purchased and moving on to its new owner.Website furniture restoration

Google Daniel chapman antique restoration


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