Antique Georgian Pembroke table restoration

This Georgian mahogany come in for restoration from a private client, the table been in the family for several generations. The current owners asked me to restore it back to its former glory after a it was repaired by a family member .

The table base was spilt Mainly down to the base wood moving and shrinking, causing the veneer to crack and split. This badly repaired by somebody else using metal brackets and filler, as well reglueimg the repair in the wrong place

The first job was to remove the metal brackets and filler from the base, then I removed the damaged wood ,cleaning the modern wood glue that was used incorrectly in the last repair. Unfortunately the show veneers couldn’t be kept and would make a better job to completely remove them from the base.

Once this was done I could glue back together the base and was left to dry before drilling a couple of dowels to help strengthen the base . Afterwards I re veneered the base and edge of it . This was cleaned up and sanded couple days later. Next was for me to turn to tops and draw . This was manly damaged from water marks leaving white ring marks across the tops. This solved during the cleaning process as thankfully, this was only in the surface and wouldn’t require it to be stripped. The draw runners were slightly worn and require the effected wood to be removed and new wood fitted to correct this and enable the draw to run smoothly again.

Once the Pembroke table was repaired and the new veneers were sanded the table was put back together and cleaned ready for French polishing . I managed to select Timber near as possible to the original as this will help in the polishing process and help the table to look correct after restoration. The table was cleaned back using meths as this will clean the surface with out stripping the wood of its colour and patina.

Once this was done I begin polishing the table, building the polish over time and allowing this to dry ,before sanding back and polishing the table again colouring the new wood to match the old. This was done over period of time until I was happy enough with the finish , before waxing down the furniture and reducing the shine from the polish . As you would expect to have period furniture looking to glossy . Once this was done and allowed to dry the table was arranged for delivery by myself and delivered back to the customer . Who was very happy to see the table brought back to life .

Daniel chapman antique furniture restoration

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    I love that there are a lot of pictures and that they are in good quality. Great article!


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