Antique George II walnut kneehole desk 

The antique walnut desk dating from around 1730 come in for some restoration, the desk was owened by a private client and was requiring some restoration to the desk .

The desk needed some attention to missing and loose veneers around the carcass, the draws had some cockbeading broken and missing around the draw fronts . The top crossbanding with walnut and a feather band inlay,had some damage around the crossbanding, as well somebody in the past using filler to repair missing the veneers . The top was book marched veneers and some veneer blistered.

The main point of restortion required to the desk was the feet. In the past the bracket feet were changed for some pine plinth .the customer asked for then to be changed back to the original style of feet.

I first started repairing the crossband veneers around the carcass rails. I reduced  solid wood down to thickness as the veneer was over a quarter of a inch thick . The draws had the broken and missing crossbanding replaced again using European walnut . Thankfully some of the old one were kept after being knocked of. This is common as glue drys out with age and central heating .

Next was the top the veneer had fresh glue put under neath the blister veneers before being ironed down later on . The damage to the top crossbanding had old repairs removed including the filler, the moulding was loose and required to be removed carefully cleaning old glue and refitting carefully . Then I was able to repair the crossbanded veneer, again reducing down timber to thickness. After allowing the glue to dry the repairs were all levelled down and sanded . The new feet were next, desgining style of foot correct to the period before making them in old pine and veneering them in crossgrain walnut .

After all repairs were carried out the walnut knee holedesk was then ready for it to be cleaned back ready for polishing . Washing back the dirt of and across the new repairs ,before being French polished, colouring out the new repairs and matching the the new feet to the desk. After the polishing was carried out the desk was then waxed. 

The oringinal brass handles and key escutcheons were cleaned and put back on . The desk now finished was now ready for delvery back to the client 
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