William Vl rosewood centre table

The rosewood centre table come in for restoration and French polishing recently . The base requiring damage to the veneers around the feet these were old repairs from the past which had fallen out or new chips occurred over a period of time . The furniture looked to have been stored In a damp area causing some veneers to lift and sending the polish to that milky white look. The base was finished with carved scroll feet . One had lost it turned  patria . This was reproduce on the lathe then glued on before polishing

img_4357img_4349img_4348img_4347img_4346.The top was in simliar condition with small cross grain veneers missing around the edge .thankfully the top had not spilt across the top , which is often a common problem you will find with this style of table.as the frame work and rim around the top are fixed to the timber and doesn’t allow the timber to move and causing the timber to split.

Once the repairs were carried out using period timber and taking  care not to sand through the patina of the rosewood veneers. As this will cause the veneers to go almost black as this is generally the natural colour of the timber. Then I. Old gentler clean back the old polish and dirt from the furniture . Once this was done I could gently sand before beginning to polish the furniture . This was done over a period of days and once completed was waxed down .

All was left to do was to fix the top back on to its base . This is a simple process of location the bolts  through the top and locating them in to the base. The tops will now be able to tilt anytime space is required and is easily fixed down using the oringinal brass catch

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