18th century oak longcase clock restoration


The long case clock come in for restoration after being inherited through the family. The clock was a 30 hour case with crossbanding in mahogany and rosewood veneers.

the case and movements hadn’t been restored for newmours years. With the build up of dirt,old polish and age related damage to the case. This included missing veneers. Loose veneer. Splits in timber,broken glass.

The first job was to remove brass work for cleaning and polishing. The next was to replace the missing veneers. I managed to sauce some old veneers from my stock. Matching timber near as possible. The split had timber put in and all loose veneer had been remove then reglued down. Afterwards all repairs were levelled and ready for polishing.

The longcase clock was then cleaned back to remove dirt,also to wash some of the old dirt in to the new repairs. Then I could re polish the clock, using traditional French polish. This was built up over period of time . Allowing the polish to sink in to the grain before building up again. The new repairs were colour out to match the rest.

After polishing the case was waxed down to remove the shine from frenchpolishing and give you that depth of sheen to expect from antique furniture. The brass work was cleaned,polished then lacquered before putting back on. Last was to replace the broken glass and cut a new key for the door. Afterwards the clock case was returned to its new home and waiting it’s movement to come back from restoration.


Workshop number 07814520970

email @ d.chapman.restoration@hotmail.co.uk

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