Antique furniture restoration

Restoring a antique Victorian walnut ladies davenport

This nice little walnut Davenport come in for restoration,with some boxwood inlays. The Davenport come in for minor repairs to the veneers. Including small chips missing , blistering to the veneers and woodworm. The condition of the polish was generally dirty and suffering from sunlight damage.


The biggest problem with the Davenport was one of the fret work brackets,was completely eaton by woodworm . Some English walnut was found from the pile, machine down to size and drawn out before cutting out on the fret saw

The Davenport was treated for woodworm . With the holes being filled afterwards,the Davenport could now be cleaned and ready for polishing.the surface got a gentle clean back to remove the dirt with out damaging the colour and patina .afterwards I could start building up the polish. Colouring out new veneer repairs and wood. Afterward the furniture got waxed , this removes the shine from the fresh polish and gives that depth of sheen to expect from period furniture

The interior and leather was in good condition , several good waxes of a hard beeswax revived the old polish and removed old dirt from the surface


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Finished walnut Davenport after restoration
The top compartment with brass gallery lifted up to revel section for envelopes,pen and paper. Inside theirs two false draws and to small draws . The interior veneered in birds eye maple and this is common with  most davenports


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