1740 century antique Georgian mahogany tallboy

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Very nice provincial mahogany tallboy come in for restoration recently. The tallboy had been in the family for generations  was in general condition of not being restored before. The draws needed repairs to draw bottoms as well the carcass . This is often a common problem found with wear and tear.

The carcass had unusual construction in that the cock beading was not applied around the draw and was part of the main carcass front, this is very unusual and only often found on better quality furniture . The furniture was constructed from solid mahogany and oak draw linings . The main carcass had  the usual problems of shrinkage , causing the sides to split . The rest of the carcass had the usual chips of wood around the mouldings missing and age related damage  
    The draws had worn out the runners as well as the carcass , new oak was replaced on the draw bottoms, the construction of the draws had the oak running from front to back of the draw and this helps to date it from it not being made after 1750. After the repairs were carried out and the levelled back. The furniture could be cleaned back to remove old dirt and polish. This will be gently cleaned back to remove old grime but not to remove the patina from the furniture. 

Underneath the old dirt was some lovely grain int the wood. After polishing the furniture over a period of a week the polish brought out the rich colour  and grain of the mahogany timber which originated from the Far East  





 Once the polishing was completed and could wax down the furniture to give it deep depth of sheen. The brass plated handles were cleaned and put back on. With only too use a paraffin  wax on the draws and carcass to help with the wear and tear and help those draws to run smother . Next was to arrange deliver back to the customers for years more use to come 


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