Antique rosewood regency library table restoration

The rosewood library table come in for restoration after being inherited from the clients family.The table dating from around 1830 century was suffering from general problems of antique furniture. Veneer chips around base and top. Base had missing moulding and spilt in the turning. 


The top has two draws across the front with two false on opposite side . The draws were badly worn and required attention to draws and runners. The top required the joint to be reglued and brought Bak together. The table had suffered from sunlight and water damage over a period of time. This had bleached out the colour of  timber on the top and a normal occurrence with antique furniture.


 Once the repairs were carried out, the furniture could be gently cleaned back to remove the old polish and dirt , the polishing was done over a period of time and was waxed afterwards. The library table was now ready for delivery back to the customer to enjoy once more again. 

  Finished table 




 Daniel Chapman furniture restoration  

Workshop telephone number 07814520970


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